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Fire Damage In Tampa

Call our skilled crew if your Tampa home experiences a fire damage emergency. SERVPRO of West Tampa is standing by 24/7 to respond to your call. We're IICRC certified in fire restoration. We have the training, state-of-the-art equipment, and fire damage experience to restore your Tampa home to pre-damage condition. “Like it never even happened.”

Water Damage – Tampa

Water damage in Tampa residential or commercial properties cannot always be seen with the naked eye. SERVPRO of West Tampa employs the use of the latest high-tech moisture detection devices to locate and measure moisture content within a variety of building materials. The use of these moisture detection meters allows for more precise remediation of water damage.

Mold Remediation in Tampa

After demolition of severely mold-damaged buildings in the Tampa area, the job is not yet complete. Removing the non-salvageable building materials is complete, and after spraying an antimicrobial agent on all the raw, exposed lumber, an odor-encapsulating primer finishes of the mold remediation project. SERVPRO makes sure that the client receives the best and most complete service possible, every time.

Fire Damage In Tampa

When a fire strikes your home, a quick response is crucial. Our team at SERVPRO is dedicated to responding 24/7 to your fire damage emergency. SERVPRO of West Tampa has the equipment, experience, and training to restore your home to pre-damage condition.

Mold Damaged Church in Tampa

The mold damage to the upper reaches of this structure in Tampa required the expertise, equipment, and skills of a first-class mold remediation company. SERVPRO can provide the know-how and all the logistics to remove the mold safely without contaminating other areas of the church and with minimal interruptions to the weekly services and other routines. Need help in a big way? Call SERVPRO.

West Tampa Condo Closet and Mold

If seasonal residents do not control the RH relative humidity in their condos when away, then often mold infestations can result. This walk-in closet in West Tampa needs serious mold remediation. The damaged walls can be torn out by SERVPRO technicians, and then an antifungal agent sprayed into the wall cavities before closing up the opening.

Water Damage – Tampa Construction Site

Water damage occurred at this Tampa hotel which was under construction. Torrential rains had flooded many areas of the construction project. SERVPRO of West Tampa was well known to the construction manager, so he called for help. We dispatched crews immediately and began pumping water from the site. Drying equipment was quickly set up to avoid any secondary damage from moisture left in and around the building materials.

Fire Damage Restoration In Rocky Point

Your home can suffer significant damage due to a fire. You need help from a company like SERVPRO who is a leader in the restoration industry and has top-notch fire restoration technicians. SERVPRO of West Tampa has the IICRC certifications, state-of-the-art equipment, and specialized training required to restore your home to pre-fire condition. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

5-Star Review

We received a 5-star review from a customer regarding a mold infestation that our team was able to eradicate. The customer was impressed with our knowledge and expertise when it came to dealing with mold. They were also pleased with our fast response which helped prevent mold from spreading and limited the damage. When it comes to mold removal SERVPRO of West Tampa is the team to count on. Check out the full review here.

Water Problem in a Call Center--Tampa

Small amounts of puddles spread out over an office area in Tampa may not pose a structural problem, but slipping and falling must be avoided at all costs. Secure your workplace by calling SERVPRO to remove unwanted water and keep the phones ringing.

Fire Damage - Tampa Home

Fire damage at this Tampa home left multiple types of damage in its wake. The fire started on the stove top as many home fires do. It quickly spread to the cabinetry as the photo shows. The homeowners had fire damage, smoke damage, soot damage, and water damage from the fire to get cleaned up. SERVPRO of West Tampa is on call 24/7 for this type of damage.

Tampa Storm Damaged House

The strong tropical winds blew a hole in the roof and wet the attic space in this Tampa home and affected the HVAC system. The owner waited some days before calling a company like SERVPRO to clean up, restore and dry out the unit and attic. We suggest to immediately seek help when a water damaging event occurs on your property.

West Tampa Mold in Bathroom

After removing the cabinet, the exposed area in a West Tampa bathroom can be treated for mold remediation. SERVPRO techs have the skills and resources to tear out the non-repairable green board and spray the wall cavity with an antifungal agent.

Fire Damage In Tampa

Fire damage should be left to a professional restoration company like SERVPRO of West Tampa. We have a team of highly trained and certified fire restoration technicians that are available 24/7. SERVPRO has the personnel, advanced equipment, and training needed to restore your property to pre-damage condition. “Like it never even happened.”

Commercial Water Damage – Tampa

Commercial water damage at this Tampa school occurred when the sprinkler system sprung a leak. SERVPRO of West Tampa can facilitate repairs to the sprinkler system and remove and replace the soaked ceiling tiles. Our trained and certified technicians can also inject warm air into the space above the tiles to dry the entire affected area.

Rain Water Damages a Hardwood Floor in West Tampa

The open windows let in sufficient water to soak into the hardwood flooring in this West Tampa Home. The drying mats provide tight suction to draw moisture from the joints and the subflooring supports. Count on SERVPRO techs to salvage your property and mitigate water damage.

Storm Damage Cleanup In Tampa

Storm damage never happens at a convenient time, luckily the team at SERVPRO of West Tampa provides 24-hour emergency service. Timing is very crucial when dealing with storm damage cleanup and restoration. Our experts will arrive quickly and immediately begin the restoration process. SERVPRO of West Tampa has the trained personnel, specialized equipment, and experience to “Like it never even happened.”

Mold Remediation Need in West Tampa

Storage sheds, when pelted by heavy rains, can often lead to large mold infestions requiring remediation. SERVPRO technicians can remove the damaged materials and then spray the area with an antifungal agent. We can also advise our customers on means of preventing future problems.

Tampa Flooding Problem in a Building

The picture shows a water damaged corridor in a hotel in Tampa. The conduit tubes are channeling the airborne moisture to the exterior of the building. The green machines set up by SERVPRO technicians in this typical array are working hard to dry the establishment with a minimal amount of disruption to the guests.

Storm Damage In West Tampa

When your home has experienced flooding, you need help from the experts at SERVPRO of West Tampa. Our storm damage specialists have the state-of-the-art equipment and advanced training to restore your property to pre-storm condition. Our technicians are dedicated to responding quickly to your storm damage emergency. A quick response from our technicians reduces restoration costs and lessens the damage. When it comes to flood damage SERVPRO is your best option.

Water Damage – Tampa House

Water damage in this photo shows just how much of a problem water can become. Drywall, insulation, and studs all can be harmed by even minor water damage. SERVPRO of West Tampa has the expertise and equipment to restore all of the damage.

Fire Damage – Tampa Home

Fire damage struck this Tampa home when a water heater caught fire in the HVAC closet. SERVPRO of West Tampa would assess the damage and develop a plan for restoration. The plan would be submitted to the homeowner and the insurance company for approval. Once approved our technicians would clean and restore the entirety of the fire damage.

Mold Damage – Tampa Home

Mold damage at this Tampa home developed under a kitchen skylight. The seals for the skylight had dried out allowing moisture to enter the interior walls beneath the skylight. We tore out the damaged drywall and cleaned and treated the base of the skylight.

West Tampa Flooding in a School

The deluge brought stormwater, along with mud and some debris, into the hallway of this school in West Tampa. We arrived early on a Saturday morning to clean up the damage and have the building sanitized and ready for the students on Monday morning.

Storm Damage – Tampa Home

Storm damage to this Tampa home left a large tree limb resting on the roof of their house. SERVPRO of West Tampa was called during the storm to provide protective tarps for the damaged roof. We were also contracted to clean up the water damage and remove the tree once the storm subsided.

West Tampa Condo and Water Problems

The photo shows the water damaged caused by the wicking up the side of this kitchen base cabinet. All the floor level items were affected by this water leak. We did succeed it quickly drying out the wet items with heated air movers and several dehumidifiers. Fast service can always save a homeowner money and inconvenience.

Smoke & Fire Residue on a West Tampa Condo

The small fire did smoke out the condo in this West Tampa unit as evidenced by the photo. Cleaning with vacuums and sponges remove most of the coating from the hard surfaces. The SERVPRO CCT carpet cleaning technician can thoroughly restore the fibrous floor covering. Hydroxyl Generators, air scrubbers, and foggers can return the IAQ indoor air quality to preferred levels.

Commercial Cleaning in Tampa

Our SERVPRO technicians are busy at work cleaning this Pepsi bottling plant in Tampa. By utilizing a large crew and convenient scheduling, we did not disrupt normal operations at the facility. Management was pleased with the coordinated effort, and we will be back for future cleanings. You can always count on us.

Rocky Point Bathroom Mold

This modular tub and shower unit has been infested with mold. Poor ventilation of moisture laden areas, like a bathroom in Rocky Point, often lead to the needed for mold remediation. Make sure to use or have installed a ventilation system to channel the moist air from this small room.

Commercial Water Damage – Tampa

Commercial water damage associated with storm damage often knocks the conventional source of electricity out. SERVPRO needs to run quite a lot of equipment to remediate the damages. Pictured is a large trailer mounted commercial generator that can be used when other power sources are unavailable.

Storm Damage – Tampa

Storm damage in Tampa can sometimes reach rather large proportions requiring industrial sized equipment for water damage restoration projects. SERVPRO franchises are locally owned and part of a nationwide network of franchises. They have access on an immediate basis to equipment like the desiccant dehumidifier shown in this photo.

Ceiling Damaged by a Water Leak

This damage occurred when the water heater in the attic burst and resulted in flooding to the attic crawl area with 40 gallons of water. The water damaged ceiling and insulation were removed by our technicians, and then we started drying out the opening.

Fire damage – Tampa Kitchen

Fire damage started with a grease fire in this Tampa, FL home. Grease fires are one of the leading causes of kitchen fires. It only takes several minutes of distraction to produce the conditions for a fire like the one shown.

Mold Remediation in a Tampa Garage

The broken water line led to a severe mold growth over the ceiling in this Tampa garage. We extracted the water from the concrete floor as we contained the infestation with poly sheeting and dried out the attic with directed rapid air movement. We then sprayed an anti-fungal agent to lessen the chance of mold spores developing into new fungi growth.

West Tampa Duplex and Unwanted Water

We immediately responded to a service call from a property management company client that relies on our Faster To Any Size Disaster attitude for help. The flooding had subsided, but one unit was still under water until we used a truck-mounted water pump and heavy duty drying equipment to extract the water and moisture. The tenants were back home the next afternoon, "Like it never even happened."

Storm Damage – Tampa House

Storm damage to this Tampa home had busted out the windows and created a significant amount of ceiling and roof damage. The homeowners and their insurance adjuster were amazed at the reconstruction work our trained technicians had performed. If storm damage impacts your home or commercial facility, call SERVPRO of West Tampa at (813) 855-0888. We proudly offer 24-hour emergency service, and we are equipped to deal with any size disaster.

Ceiling in West Tampa

The water leak followed the line of least resistence and soaked into the ceiling in this part of the music salon. A SERVPRO technician inspected the attic area and then placed the correct drying equipment to eliminate further damage and odors from occurring. After drying, we primed the ceiling area before the homeowner's general contractor came to finish the cosmetic restoration.